Since the 1980s, the World Society Network has been active in the fields of
environmental impact assessment and sustainable tourism.

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We are a group of specialists with a wide range of skills related to the interaction between people and the environment. Whether you are an individual or are representing an organisation, we can provide expert advice and formal reports documenting how things are and showing you how to get to where you want to be at a reasonable price. Past clients have included private individuals, businesses, conservation groups, community project leaders, local and regional councils and national governments.

Projects have included:

Our aim is to support responsible innovation and change without compromising the protection of those sensitive natural mechanisms that all of us ultimately rely on. Every human activity has an environmental impact, even inactivity. The World Society Network finds context-based solutions to challenges with minimal disadvantage to the community or ecology. This is achieved by applying modern technology and techniques in the light of extensive experience and informed pragmatism.

Whatever you needs, please contact us for an informal discussion. The first meeting (often a site visit) is always free. Please call Andrew Hubert von Staufer on 01600 713374, 07428707600 or send an email and we will contact you.

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For examples of past work, select from the following

Environmental impact assessments covering:
           Strategies for the protection endangered species;
           Bat assessments and protection measures;
           Mitigating flood risk;
           Protection of fisheries;
           Conservation of heritage.

Event management
            Planning for environmental impact controls
best practice

Lobbying and public relations plans and activities


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