Month: December 2017

Sussex Healthcare has become one of the most well-known healthcare facilities for aging seniors and other patients that have dementia or any other neurological disorders. This has become a very prominent healthcare facility in the United Kingdom that has treated patience for decades. It has grown because it has an excellent staff of highly skilled […]

CATEGORY: Company Health Care


As of July 2017, the Kerrisdale Capital Management worth accumulated to $150 million. It was such a significant increase from $1 million when Sahm Adrangi launched it in the year 2009. Sahm Adrangi is not only the Kerrisdale’s Capital Management founder but also the Chief investment officer of the firm. As a result, he has […]

CATEGORY: Business Company


Daniel Taub is a former Israeli diplomat who during his four years as Israeli ambassador helped to double the amount of trading that took place between the U.K. and Israel. Along with this, cultural ties, academic cooperation, and business dealings deepened during his tenure creating a golden era of sorts between the two countries. While […]



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