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DATE: August 16, 2017

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If you operate a business in Pennsylvania, you have to stay updated with the labor laws as this affects the compliance obligations as well as the future of your business. Some of the regulations are unique to the certain companies while others apply to everyone in the workforce. There are six laws that you ought to keep in mind. First is the (FLSA) Fair Labor and Standards Act which provides the guidelines to be followed when setting the minimum wage for employees. Second is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA is a law whose aim is to ensure that employees are given leave to cater for family or medical needs. The law ensures that employees who take such leaves are not fired or denied group health insurance.

Third, is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This is a law that ensures that the aging employees get the same rights as the younger ones. If a company discriminates employees that are getting older, then it could face discrimination fines or lawsuits. Fourth is the IRS Worker Classification which is essential in knowing workers that are to be classified as employees and gauging the control you have over your workers. Fifth is the equal employment law which expounds on hiring and discrimination based on sex, nationality, race, disability, religion, and age. Lastly, are the situation specific laws which are imposed by the township or city.

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