Dick DeVos Maintains The Legacy

DATE: August 22, 2017

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DeVos is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor and a politician based in Michigan. Currently, he is the President of Wind quest Company, having served since 2002. Despite hailing from a wealthy family, DeVos has worked his way to success, as seen through the various capacities he has served in the family –owned business (Amway corporation) as vice president and later as the CEO, and Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise.


The combination of a wealthy family and a strong education background, from Northwood University, provides DeVos with necessary skills to run the family empire. In addition, his hard work up the success ladder has equipped him with the skills and experience to operate his businesses.Under his leadership, Amway Corporation ventured into new markets and made history of having exceeded its domestic sales.


The value of life is not in how much you make, or what you wear and drive, but how you spend what you have by giving out. For this reasons, giving back to the community is a policy that Dick DeVos and his family hold closely. Having come from a family of philanthropists, Dick believes in the continuation of this legacy. Their charity is driven by the belief that not all American children will realize, let alone live the American dream, due to an inefficient system of education. For this reason, the DeVos have been making donations that are seen through the reports from their foundation’s website. The MLive report indicates claims of $11.6 million donated to charity projects in 2015. This means that they have made over $139 million in donations since they started the charity according to a report on MLive.


Dick DeVos believes in supporting and promoting quality education in his community. With the wife, they donated about $3 million to handle education issues. As if not enough, their foundation made donations to organizations that support education reforms. As a result, the reforms led to the establishment of the DeVos Aviation Charter high school. Through this, it’s their belief that even children from poor background will get similar quality of education as other children.


There are civil, leadership, and community causes that DeVos supports. Some of them have to be discussed by the entire family, which explains why philanthropy has run in the family. One of the charitable causes he supports is the Willow Creek Church. He is reported to have made a donation of $1 million in support of a leadership summit in 2013.


The other cause that Dick supports is the Arts and culture. This has benefitted with over 2.4 million from the Devo’s. From this charity, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management was established, where it serves a vital purpose of accommodating diversity among community members.

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