Elysium Health Brings Good News to Those Who Want to Increase NAD+ Levels

DATE: January 8, 2018

AUTHOR: admin

Many people out there have never heard of NAD+, let alone know what NAD+ does. NAD+ is compound that is present in many cellular processes in the human body, such as circadian rhythm regulation and energy production.

As with so many other things, NAD+ levels tend to decrease with age, thus potentially negatively affecting the processes in which the compound is present. Fortunately, a solution to low or decreasing NAD+ levels may be available in the form of something known as Basis by Elysium Health.

Basis is a daily supplement designed to promote overall health at the cellular level. Its development was based on 25 years of research, and a board of world-class scientists oversees the company’s direction. These men and women are often the best of the best when it comes to their particular fields of study.

The mission of the company behind this supplement—Elysium Health—is to promote health at the cellular level with products that are backed by science. They partner with the top universities in the world, including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. What’s more, this daily supplement is not just the latest quick fix that is so often put out on the marketplace—it has been clinically proven to work in a trial conducted earlier this year, where Basis increased NAD+ levels in participants by an average of 40%.

There are a variety of subscriptions available for Basis on Elysium Health’s website. The most popular method for doing so is through a six-month subscription that costs $270. Alternatively, a customer may decide to purchase a single bottle for the price of $60 to give it a try.

While this product is already out on the market and being used by many, Elysium Health is not content to just stop there. Rather, the company still has a lot of research and development work that it is actively pushing through the pipeline. This means that even more breakthroughs may just be a few clinical tests away. You can order Basis today from their website either through the subscription service or as a single bottle.

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