Getting The Best Out Of Your Returns With The Oxford Club

DATE: January 12, 2018

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There are ways to get higher returns than the year before. In 2017, you may have thought that was the highest you can get but now, in 2018, you can give it that extra boost. Filled with successful investors and entrepreneurs, The Oxford Club has come up with three easy steps that can make the best out of your returns. Those steps include: saving more, cutting your investment costs, and rebalancing your portfolio.

Saving more will help you in a long run. It will help with retirement and other fees you may have in the future. According to The 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey, many American’s are not prepared for retirement because they haven’t saved enough while others have less than $1000 set aside for retirement. So saving will help keep you on track for retirement.

Cutting your investment costs will keep money in your pockets. Your advisor’s are making more money than you just on the fees. Imagine how much they are earning if your way of investment fails. A study shows that most fund managers fail to be profitable on an unmanaged benchmark and 95% fail to try. Would you really put your trust in them?

The Oxford Club will come in handy with investing. Their goal is to help their members grow and protect their wealth. It also has a great investment philosophy and can share many ideas that helped them with their success throughout the market and will also let you know if there are any great gains with low risks available.

Rebalancing your portfolio to get rid of the extra stocks you have. When rebalancing, you will sell the stock that has gained the most and use the funds to buy a stock that hasn’t gained a decent amount. In other words, you sell high and buy low which will reduce your risk of a downfall.

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