I was hacked but Rubica protected me against future attacks

DATE: August 11, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Cybersecurity is a serious issue in America. Most recently more than 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries were infected with malicious ransomware, becoming the largest cyber attack of all time. This May WannaCry attack was the most vicious attack security experts had seen in years. Unfortunately, I was a victim and discovered I was hacked as soon as I attempted to log in to my computer to print out some files. Companies are learning that cyber security needs to become a priority, so they don’t become a victim of the next ransomware attack which could happen at any time.


Ransomware is a program that attaches itself to the victim’s computer and locks the owner out. The victim is then ordered to pay a large sum of money to a security firm to clean the computer of viruses. However, when the victim pays the money, they realize that computer is not operational and they have lost their personal data. When I was hacked, I was fortunate enough to back up my data before this attack happened. Most often users follow the demands by the cyber criminals. These attacks are not new but have become more frequent over the years. These attacks have become front page news on newspapers and business magazines across the globe. After I was hacked, I promised I would learn from this unfortunate event. Rubica suggested I keep my operating system updated and to best avoid new security risks, to make sure automatic updates are enabled on my system.


After falling prey to this type of attack, the best option is to hire a security firm such as Rubica (https://twitter.com/rubica). The staff at Rubica use AI and human interfaces to protect their client’s system. They monitor all my data and offer personalized security measures. This is important because these cyber hacks come from risks I take surfing the internet and downloading files. Rubica also taught me how to keep my personal data secure and improve the security of my system. While Rubica has helped me tremendously but ultimately, security of my data is my responsibility and now I’m ready to protect it with my life.

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