Louis Chenevert Helped UTC go International

DATE: October 11, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Louis Chenevert was the CEO of United Technologies Corporation between 2008 and 2014. He joined UTC from Pratt & Whitney. His role in the company was very crucial since he was able to take the company through on one the most challenging economic times in the history of global economics. When Chenevert joined UTC, it was not doing so well and was facing major challenges created by the competition that was in the aviation and aerospace industry. He, therefore, had an onus task of making sure that the company revived its operations in a big way. Using the experience that he had acquired working previously in big companies like General Motors and Pratt & Whitney he was up to the challenge and truly by the end of his tenure he had proved that indeed he was an experienced manager.

Chenevert came to UTC with one resolve, that of reviving the company and giving it a global stature. He identified technology as one area that the company needed to improve on. She needed a new improved technology that could form the marketing basis of the company. He also identified that the firm needed to improve on its workforce. There was a need to invest more in employing skilled workers from within Canada instead of outsourcing, which was way far costly.

The first thing that Chenevert introduced in the company was the idea of combining the United Technologies with the geared turbofan engine. The product of this combination was a product that was highly sellable in the aerospace industry. The engine had less fuel consumption as well as fewer emissions. The impact was an engine that was cost effective while at the same time being environmentally efficient. The efforts of Chenevert have continued to benefit the company long after he is gone. Today UTC is the biggest supplier of military aircraft engines to the U.S military.

Chenevert was born in Canada. He is a holder of a project management degree from HEC Montreal. He previously worked for General Motors for about 14 years. In 2011, he was awarded an honorary degree by HEC Montreal for his exemplary contribution to the aerospace industry.

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