Paul Mampilly – Why Profit Unlimited is So Successful

DATE: November 7, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

A leading newsletter in the investment industry, Profits Unlimited is authored by Paul Mampilly. One of the newsletter’s latest achievement is reaching 60,000 subscribers. This is one of the reasons why Mampilly feels encouraged to continue offering investment recommendations on a monthly basis. Mampilly’s 8-page newsletters usually highlight an investment and a detailed explanation of its validity and more information click here.

Several reasons explain why Profit Unlimited has enjoyed immeasurable success in the hands of Paul Mampilly. For starters, the newsletter has attracted an enormous readership (made up of both seasoned investors and amateurs) because of the proven track record of its founder, Paul Mampilly, as far as success in business is concerned. For instance, in 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation’s investment during one of the worst points of the recession without having to sacrifice stocks. Paul Invested $50 million and yielded $88 million – over 75% profits. This win earned him the attention and respect of both industry experts and aspiring investors.

Secondly, the newsletter is not only useful but also detailed. Paul Mampilly uses a language that is easy for a new investor to understand. Every issue reflects Mampilly’s commitment and desire to help other people become successful. Published by Banyan Hill Publishing, Profits Unlimited has only been in circulation for about one year. Upon receiving the newsletter, the subscribers may visit his website to track stocks. For weekly updates, he selects one or two stocks from the recommended portfolio. Surprisingly, about 85% of the shares in the portfolio remain profitable, and recently, one of them grew by more than 150%.

Lastly, the readership of Profit Unlimited appreciates the benefits associated with the monthly briefings. For instance, if there is a trade, he gives the trade alerts. Besides providing instructions on how to go about it, he justifies the importance of trading.


About Paul Mampilly

Having left India at a tender age, Paul Mampilly has done exceptionally well in the world of business. The guy who boasts of having over 25 years of experience in business began his career in business and finance in 1991 at Deutsche Bank. He graduated with a BBA in 1990 from Montclair State University. He also attended Fordham Graduate School of Business for his MBA and graduated in 1996 and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

As a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly has had the opportunity to manage accounts of all sizes – including those worth millions of dollars. Most notably, he managed the accounts of Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul Mampilly has made appearances in television broadcasts on networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV among many others. In 2013, he established Capuchin Consulting where he offers advice on unique investment ideas to professional investors.

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