Waiakea Water Prioritizes Healthy for Their Customers and the Environment

DATE: October 12, 2017

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Waiakea water originates from a bottled water company that works on the basis of providing healthy drinking water for masses. The company was established with the specific agenda of making the society a better place. One key factor that this bottled Water Company has initiated and succeeded in implementing is the conservation of environment by getting rid of degradable plastic bottles. The company has vastly developed into a major water supplier of drinking water across the world. It is not surprise that Waiakea brand cuts across Africa through charity and the supply of clean drinking water. In fact, for every liter purchased, there is a donation channeled to Africa. Presently, Waiakea is in stiff competition with companies like GoPro, Under Armour and Patagonia.


Waiakea has been rising up the ranks of water producing companies. Recently, it was ranked position 414 on the list of Inc.500. It has been a leading company in terms of growth. In the CEO’s words, the firm’s performance has attracted many customers as the water quality is high. Ryan Emmons was invited to the 2017 October conference that will see him receiving an award on behalf of the team. This is another indication that Waiakea is vastly growing into an international bottled water brand.

Why is Waiakea Special?

Waiakea is not an average brand of drinking water. First of all, the water originates from natural reserves at Mauna Loa Volcano. This is a volcano that has water reserves. The harvesting of this natural water occurs through natural purification. The process involves the water flowing through lava of the volcano. As it flows, purification occurs. There is also the infusion of traces of minerals. The process enables the water to acquire alkalinity in addition to electrolyte minerals. The eventual taste is crispy and supple.

Company Profile 

Waiakea Company was established in 2012. The American bottled water is the first to receive Carbon Neutral certification. Its activities have been very environmental friendly with a specific interest in reforestation projects. The idea is to maintain the landscape of the society through natural resources reservation. The eco-initiatives have majorly contributed to the development of the company.

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