Whitney Wolfe And The Bumble Movement

DATE: June 19, 2017

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Whitney Wolfe has been no stranger to the spotlight, especially after she left Tinder in order to pursue her own career path. Whitney Wolfe is now one of the leading tech entrepreneurs in the United States thanks to the unbridled success of her feminist-swinging dating app, Bumble BFF.

Bumble has been one of the most successful dating apps around over the past year and now the company is really going to be stepping things up. How are they going to do that? Well, Whitney Wolfe and the group at Bumble are going to be establishing their first brick and mortar location.

Okay, it won’t be a permanent location but Bumble will be implementing a month long pop up spot in Soho, New York. The location seeks to be something of a nexus for Bumble users to get together, enjoy coffee at the in-house coffee bar, and get to know one another. Whitney Wolfe knows that all eyes will be on her newest venture thanks to her high profile approach to being a CEO, but that seems to be just fine with her. The pop up Bumble location will be called the Hive and it will feature all of the charm that the brand embodies. The unique layout is both welcoming and exciting, a necessary mixture for survival in the hip and saturated tech field.

Ever since Bumble’s inception and its subsequent success the company has been trending toward being more than just a dating app. Bumble is becoming a legitimate community and Whitney Wolfe is definitely taking notice. That is why she plans to do so much more with the Hive than just simply make it a stop spot for people to chat. Wolfe plans to bring in talented professionals to give speeches, eventually hoping for it to become something of a nexus for social relationships to develop.

All eyes are on Whitney Wolfe as she continues to blaze her path forward as an entrepreneur and tech innovator. Bumble has nearly half of a million users and it is growing by upwards of 15% each and every week. It’s clear that Bumble BFF is becoming a movement more than just an app.

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